Create a collection

1. Mint your NFTs

Blind Boxes has established partnerships with third-party minting platforms in the Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon ecosystems. To begin, please consult the minting guide provided below. If you have already minted your assets, please proceed to step 2.

Minting NFTs

2. Connect to the Blind Boxes dApp

Visit Click: 'connect wallet' to establish a connection with the decentralized application. This platform supports multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. Be sure to connect to the network that is associated with your NFTs.

Be sure the confirm that the blockchain you select matches the one your NFTs are on.

3. Create a collection

Navigate to the "create a collection" section on the Blind Boxes dApp (

Follow the onscreen instructions to create your collection. The name of your collection should include your brand / or artist alias if possible.

Please note that it is not possible to modify the attributes of a collection once it has been created. Therefore, please take your time and be careful during these steps to avoid any typographical errors.

4. Set commission

When a collection creator curates a drop featuring works from various artists, they can choose to set a commission for the entire collection. This commission is a percentage of the total sales and is directed to a wallet designated by the creator. If the collection's creator owns all the NFTs within that collection, the commission is automatically set at 100%.

For collections with contributions from multiple wallets, the platform can manage split payments. After accounting for the curator's optional commission, the remaining funds are proportionally distributed among the contributing wallets. Each wallet's share is calculated based on the listed price of the NFTs they added to the collection.

5. Set currency

By selecting $BLES, Blind Boxes ecosystem token, you are able to waive the platform fee. Additionally, collections denominated with our currency are generally more appealing to our community's collectors.

However, if a collection is listed in a currency other than BLES, a 5% platform fee will be imposed once the collection is sold out.

For partners and brands that list their collections on the site, fees will be applied as specified in the collaboration agreements.

6. Add collaborators (optional)

If you are curating a solo collection, please provide your wallet address in this designated space. Only wallets listed here will have the ability to add NFTs to your collection.

After creating the collection (without publishing it), share the URL of the collection with other collaborators. Only users included in the whitelist will have the privilege to contribute NFTs to your collection.

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