About $BLES

$BLES was launched in 2021 on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. The BLES token is publicly traded across multiple exchanges.

$BLES Token Info

Contract (ETH) - 0xe796d6ca1ceb1b022ece5296226bf784110031cd

Contract (BSC) - 0x393d87e44c7b1f5ba521b351532c24ece253b849

Contract (Polygon) - 0x1b599beb7b1f50807dd58fd7e8ffcf073b435e71

Coingecko - $BLES


EtherScan - $BLES

PolygonScan - $BLES

What is the total supply of BLES?

The total supply of BLES is 100M tokens. There will never be more tokens created beyond this number.

Where is BLES traded?

The BLES token is publicly traded on various centralized and decentralized exchanges. You can refer to this guide for trading BLES across different blockchains.

How can I earn BLES?

BLES is mined by opening Blind Boxes on the platform. $BLES can also be earned by participating in community events. As mentioned earlier, $BLES can also be staked to earn yield (and to qualify for sick airdrops).

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