Gamified curated collections

Our method of selling NFTs is unique. Read about it here.

On the Blind Boxes platform, curated collections of NFTs are showcased. These collections are put together by curators, who can be artists, brands, influencers, prominent collectors, or industry specialists. Curators initiate empty collections and then invite specific NFT creators to contribute. As creators add their NFTs, they set a price for each one.

When a collection is complete, an algorithm locks it, and each NFT is individually wrapped into a Blind Box. Every box within that collection is then priced uniformly, usually based on an average of the NFT prices.

It's important to note that we don't sell bundles of NFTs. Each NFT is individually packaged in its blind box and sold for a set price, much like a toy vending machine.

When a collection is launched, potential buyers can view:

  • The curator behind the collection

  • The contributing creators and their NFTs

  • The individual prices of the NFTs

  • The remaining number of NFTs in the collection

NFTs are dispensed randomly, one by one, all at the same price. The excitement comes from the uncertainty of which specific NFT a buyer will receive when they make a purchase from the collection.

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