Gamified curated collections

Our method of selling NFTs is unique. Read about it here.
On the Blind Boxes dApp, you will find collections of NFTs that have been compiled by curators. Curators are typically artists, brands, influencers, whale collectors and industry experts.
Curators create empty collections and invite specific NFT creators to join their collection. Creators assign values (price tags) to their NFTs as they add them to collections.
Once the collection is full, our algorithm seals the collection and wraps each NFT into its own Blind Box. Finally, each box in the collection is assigned the same price tag. This is typically based on an average of the the prices assigned to pieces.
We are not selling packs of NFTs. Instead, each NFT is wrapped in its own blind box and sold at a fixed price. The best analogy is a toy vending machine model.
Finally, the collection goes live. Buyers can see:
  • The curator of the collection
  • The creators and NFTs in the collection
  • The price tags associated with individual NFTs
  • How many NFTs are left in a collection
Items are released at random, one at a time, at one fixed price. Ultimately, the mystery lies in not knowing exactly which NFT they will get when they draw (purchase) from the collection.