Adding NFTs to a collection

After importing your NFTs from your wallet, you will import them to the collection you created.

1. Import NFTs from your library to the collection

Add NFTs, one at a time from your library to the collection. For each asset you will need to assign a price tag.

2. Assign a value / price tag for the NFT

This price should align with the value that the creator or NFT-owner believes accurately represents the asset. We encourage artists to use their past sales (NFT sales or traditional sales) as a guideline for assigning prices.
Ensure that the price tag assigned to the NFT aligns with the estimated market value of asset.
Buyers will see the prices assigned to individual pieces. If the prices do not seem fair, collectors will not purchase from the collection. Collections that feature NFTs at their fair market value will have a high probability of selling out.
Reminder: buyers will see all prices assigned to individual works. Given the platform's unique mystery box mechanism, all items will be sold from the collection at one flat rate (think: toy vending machines).