Questions about staking both on and off the Blind Boxes platform. Staking programs are launched roughly every quarter for the $BLES community.

Where can I find staking on your platform?

Staking is available on our dApp located here:

What are the details of the previous staking programs?

Blind Boxes continues to focus on building dynamic and robust functionality for BLES. As we ease into the second half of the summer, let’s reflect on our most recent 90-day liquidity staking program plus preview the next staking initiatives that will soon kick-off.

Recap: BLES Vaults I

For this initiative, which ran May 8 β€” Aug 8, we had two distinct staking pools hosted on the Blind Boxes dApp. Users could stake BLES in either single or dual asset staking pools.

  • In the single asset staking pool, 1,121,193 BLES were staked for a total of ~ $325,000. The closing annual percentage rate (APR) was 72%.

  • In the dual asset staking pool, 8960 BLES-BNB-CAKE tokens were staked for a total of ~ $194,500. The closing APR was 540%.

In the former, a user could stake BLES to earn BLES, while in the latter, users staked BLES plus CAKE to earn yield.

BLES Vaults II

The popularity of the previous staking program has prompted us to launch a fresh iteration. In developing the BLES Vaults 2 staking program, we heeded feedback from our community. Specifically, we are incorporating burn mechanisms and duration optionality to incentivize and reward long-term staking.


  • Start date: August 23, 2021

  • Duration: 180 days

  • Total per block rewards: 0.424 BLES

  • Total budget: 219,801.6 BLES

  • Structure: 4 pools of different durations

  • APR: automatically determined by market dynamics

Single asset staking (BLES)

  1. 0.05 BLES per block β€” open

  2. 0.05 BLES per block β€” 30-day lock

  3. 0.05 BLES per block β€” 90-day lock

Dual asset staking (BLES-BNB-CAKE LP V2)

4. 0.274 BLES per block β€” open

Burn Mechanism

If a user withdraws their BLES before the end of their selected staking period, a percentage of their funds will be burned. The percentage burned will mirror the proportion of the remaining staking period.

  • Example 1: User A has staked his tokens in the 120-day pool. If he withdraws the next day (day 2), 99.1% (119/120) of the principal token value will be burned.

  • Example 2: User B has staked her token in the 120-day pool. If she withdraws on the 36th day, 40% (24/60) of the principal token value will be burned.

We look forward to your participation in the upcoming staking pools. For questions or feedback, join the Blind Boxes Official Telegram and chat with our community managers.

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