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Finalizing the drop

After adding your own NFTs, inviting collaborators to join, and reviewing the collection, it is time for the curator to finalize the drop.

1. Publish collection

Once all of the NFTs have been added to the collection, click 'publish' to set it live.

2. Add a cover image

In this version of the dApp cover images are added manually by the backend team. This will be more seamless in future versions. By default, the collection will display a placeholder image.
Send an email to [email protected] with the cover image of the collection, using the email subject line format: [[Collection name]] - [[Artist name]].
Due to the high volume of collections being launched daily, there may be up to a 6 hour delay for cover images being updated. To avoid this, please alert the team at least 24 hours before launching your collection.

3. Marketing

Featured collectors will receive marketing and PR assistance before and after the launch.
Additionally, artists who are not on the roster can also request marketing support for their collections, which will be evaluated on an individual basis.