Minting NFTs

Deciding how and where to mint their NFTs is an important decision for creators. Here is our guide to help you navigate.

What does it mean to mint an NFT?

NFTs unlock the ability to create certifiable digital ownership of individual works of art. The process of minting involves creating a unique smart contract based token that lives on a blockchain. Ownership of the NFT equals ownership of the underlying asset, be it art, or virtual property.

How to mint on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

You are welcome to mint BSC-based NFTs through one of our trusted partners from the Binance ecosystem. You will need BNB to pay your minting an transaction fees.
Minting NFT's in BSC typically costs 0.01 BNB which is <$10 per NFT.
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    JGN - NFT -​
JGN - NFT Landing Page
Minting NFTs on Bakeryswap

How to mint on Ethereum (ETH)

You are welcome to use any minting platform. Our trusted minting provider for Ethereum-based NFTs is Nifty Kit, however you can use any compatible minting platform.
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    Niftty Kit -​

How to mint on Polygon

Visit the community minting page for Polygon. Minting fees on Polygon are close to zero.
Minting on Polygon