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What is a non-fungible token (NFT)

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that are individually unique, irreplicable, and indivisible. NFTs are used to create verified transparent digital ownership of anything from digital art, crypto collectibles, in-game items, or physical assets.

What does it mean to mint an NFT?

We covered the basic definition of minting here:

Why Creators love Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes expands the exposure, reach, and circulation of artists’ work. Our distinctive collection-based selling framework encourages artists to pool their promotional efforts towards selling out a single collaborative campaign. By working with established curators, creators also have a higher probability of having their work sell out on our platform.
Since all NFTs enter a particular collection with a price tag provided a
Each time a piece is sold within a Blind Box, the original creator gets proceeds. Smart contracts also ensure that they automatically get paid a percentage of any future resales of the piece.
Participating in Blind Boxes exposes artists to new collectors that may not have otherwise discovered them. The transparent nature of NFTs allows creators to easily connect with every buyer that has ever purchased their work. Following initial sales within Blind Boxes, artists can use this connection creatively to cultivate ongoing engagement with their fanbase.

Why collectors love Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes combines the excitement of mystery boxes with the transparency of blockchain. Since NFTs are pooled by curators and then distributed from collections at one fixed price (the average price of all NFTs in a collection), buyers often have the opportunity to purchase a highly valuable NFT for a price that is lover than its individual listing price. Our unique selling mechanism is a fun, beginner-friendly way to build NFT collections.
Each Blind Box provides access to one limited-edition NFT. Blind Boxes also simplifies the discovery process. Instead of participating in individual NFT auctions on multiple platforms, users can purchase from transparent, curated collections, filled with rare collectibles, pooled from diverse sources.

How can I join as an Artist?

Blind Boxes is invite-only for artists. Please submit an application here. We look forward to hearing from you.