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What is a non-fungible token (NFT)

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that are individually unique, irreplicable, and indivisible. NFTs are used to create verified transparent digital ownership of anything from digital art, crypto collectibles, in-game items, or physical assets.

What does it mean to mint an NFT?

We covered the basic definition of minting here:

Why Creators love Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes aims to enhance the exposure, reach, and circulation of artists' work. Our unique collection-based selling framework encourages artists to collaborate and promote their artworks together, increasing the chances of selling out a campaign. By partnering with reputable curators, artists also have a higher likelihood of selling their work on our platform.
When NFTs are added to a specific collection on Blind Boxes, they are assigned a price tag. Each time a piece is sold within a Blind Box, the original creator receives proceeds from the sale. Additionally, smart contracts ensure that they automatically receive a percentage of any future resales of the piece.
Participating in Blind Boxes exposes artists to a wider audience, including new collectors who may not have discovered them otherwise. The transparent nature of NFTs allows creators to easily connect with every buyer who has purchased their work. After the initial sales within Blind Boxes, artists can leverage this connection creatively to foster ongoing engagement with their fanbase.

Blind Boxes' appeal to Collectors + Investors

Blind Boxes combines the thrill of mystery boxes with the transparency of blockchain technology. By pooling NFTs through curators and distributing them from collections at a fixed price (the average price of all NFTs in a collection), buyers often have the opportunity to acquire highly valuable NFTs at a lower cost than their individual listing prices. Our distinctive selling mechanism offers a fun and user-friendly approach to building NFT collections.
Each Blind Box grants access to a limited-edition NFT, simplifying the process of discovery. Instead of participating in individual NFT auctions across multiple platforms, users can conveniently purchase from transparent and curated collections that feature rare collectibles sourced from various origins.